"Three renovators of the world: the womb of woman, a cow’s udder, a smith’s moulding-block." - Traditional Irish Triad

  One of the most popular Irish goddesses in modern times is Brighid, also called Brigit, Bríd, Brig, Bric, Bride, Brigantia, Brigandu. A pan-Celtic goddess, in Ireland she was a deity of healing, fertility, poetry and smithcraft, sometimes seen as a single deity and sometimes as three sister deities. O’hOgain says that Brighid, whose name probably means “Exalted One”, is a protector and inspirer of poets, as well as being connected to agricultural fertility.  The 9th century glossaries say that “among all the Irish a goddess used to be called a Brigit” (O’hOgain, the Lore of Ireland)…continue reading

Brighid Brid Brigit

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